A little About us!

My name is Peyton Yarbrough, I started Posh almost 3 years ago as a freshman in college and it has easily been the hardest and most fufilling thing I have ever done. I study Fashion Design at Georgia Southern University and have had a love for all things that encompass art and design my entire life. My style and taste is greatly influenced by my Mother, Meredith Holland who has not only showed me how much fun playing dress up is even as an adult, but also passed down a great shopping addiction. With her help I have been able to do what I love at such a young age and cannot wait to see it grow even more. We want Posh to be a place for women of all ages to find not only the "Poshest pieces" but also where they can feel the Prettiest. My favorite thing about clothes is that it's never just a dress or a pair of earrings. It's the dress you wore on your twenty first birthday in New Orleans where you danced all night with your best friends and got beignets at two in the morning. It's not just another pair of baby gold hoops, it's the pair of earrings you bought your self for your interview for your dream job (that you most definitely got). My hope is that for anything and everything you buy from Posh you make the best memories every time you wear it.